Atlanta Checker Cab Fleet

Checker Cab has been serving the metro Atlanta area since 1947. We are proud of our fleet of clean sedans, minivans and alternative fuel vehicles to transport our customers around Atlanta.

Atlanta Checker Cab is currently looking for experienced drivers to join our fleet. In order to inquire about available opportunities, please contact Tristan Hewatt at 404-351-8255 ext. 105, or email him at

All Drivers Are Independent Contractors.

We have different vehicle types depending on your needs and occasions.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide handicap accessible vans at this time. We are sorry any inconvenience this may cause.

Atlanta Checker Cab has a large variety of sedans and vans to choose from

Atlanta Checker Cab was the first taxi service in Atlanta to employ natural gas-powered cabs. In keeping with the times, Atlanta Checker Cab has introduced the city’s first hybrid taxicab, once again initiating the lead in promoting environmentally and economically sound transportation practices.

The Toyota Prius is a 5-door hatchback that has an aerodynamic body, uses an all-electric compressor for cooling, and is powered by a combination of gasoline and electric power.

Security Cameras

Atlanta Checker Cab is the first Atlanta cab company to install TaxiCam for the increased safety of passengers and drivers. This leading edge technology gives both passengers and drivers peace of mind when riding with Atlanta Checker Cab. Images are stored in a secured proprietary format that prevents unauthorized access, thus protecting the privacy of the riding public.

Atlanta Checker Cab has partnered with Janus Cam for the security of passengers and drivers. Janus Cam is the preferred mobile surveillance solution all over the world. Since its inception, Janus Cam has continued to evolve to meet the needs of the mobile industry, improving in image quality and capacity.

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