About Atlanta Checker Cab

Atlanta Checker Cab has been serving Atlanta and the Metro Atlanta area since 1947. Beyond passenger transport, Atlanta Checker Cab services also includes rush package deliverycorporate accounts, and the convenience of accepting major credit cards. Consistent with its commitment of service to the public, road service and assistance to distressed motorists is also provided.

Dispatch Telephone: 404-351-1111
Office Telephone: 404-351-8255
Corporate Accounts: 404-351-8255 Ext. 103
Employment: 404-351-8255 Ext. 105
Office Location: 563 Trabert Avenue, NW
Atlanta, GA 30309

Why Atlanta Checker Cab

Fast & Reliable GPS Dispatched Cars

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Atlanta Checker Cab is able to locate a taxicab close to your location in a matter of moments with its state of the art GPS computer dispatching system from Mobile Knowledge.

Mobile Knowledge

GPS Computer Dispatching speeds up the process of taxis responding to orders by sending the closest vehicle. Atlanta Checker Cab uses the most advanced solution in the industry, improving service through dispatch automation and speedy exchange of information between drivers and the dispatch center.

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